About Us

Kavre Society UK (KSUK) has been established as a non-profit community establishment to provide community support to and from Kavreli people residing in the UK.

This includes Kavreli people who have come to the UK to live permanently or temporarily for various purposes including settlement, employment, education or another reason. As brothers and sisters belonging to Kavre district by birth or deed, language, gender, profession, community, colour, religion and region etc., they can find community whilst away from their beloved motherland. This organisation has been established with a non-profit motive and without bias or discrimination on the basis of social motives.

In particular for the Kavreli’s in the UK, KSUK aims to foster community spirit, harmony and sympathy for those away from home providing assistance including humanitarian to the expatriate Nepali Kavrelis. No distinction will be made to castes, languages or communities whilst making a concerted effort to promote and preserve art, culture and literature. The main mantra of this social organisation is to unite all Kavreli people in the spirit of unity by strengthening the family of brothers and sisters of this region through coordination of the community and members.

The Kavre Society UK is designed to operate, promote and expand the Kavre Society UK, which includes all Nepalis (Kavreli) who have been living in the UK for any purpose and agree to work under the legislation/constitution (2020)published on this website..