Kavre Community cohesion in the UK

Kavre Society UK (KSUK) has been established as a non-profit community establishment with an objective to provide community support in the Kavrepalanchok district of the Democratic Republic of Nepal.

KSUK is established for all people of Nepalese Origin who are connected to Kavrepalanchok district of Nepal by descent, birth, migration, language, gender, profession, community, ethnicity, religion, and culture; who have come to the U.K permanently or temporarily for the various purpose may it be for settlement, employment, education or other reason.

In particular, KSUK aims to provide unity, assistance, humanitarian assistance, harmony and sympathy to the Nepali expatriates (Kavreli), all castes, languages, communities, to make a concerted effort to promote and preserve their art, culture and literature.  We aim to create a strong community of Kavreli’s in the U.K by uniting our Kavreli brothers and sisters of the same family among the community and members and strengthening the bond of brotherhood and culture. Ultimately, we aim to achieve unity amongst all the people of Kavreli heritage in the United Kingdom.