Message from The President

Why the need for the formation of Kavre Society UK? What does the president of the society say?

Our main objective is to unite all those who have a connection with Kavrepalanchok district of Nepal, are currently living in the UK, whether it be permanently or temporarily, and exchanging assistance in difficult situations. The need for an organisation of Kavreli people to be recognised as impartial, non-political, and charitable has been felt for a long time. Although the idea had been discussed many times over the past few years, we started laying the foundation with our first meeting, which was held on 28th September 2020 through Zoom. As a minority, our identity and presence have gradually been disappearing with time and I hope that this organisation allows us all to remember our roots and carry the traditions of Kavre and its people for a long time to come.  With assistance from some friends, we have taken the initiative to open the door to that possibility and so far, more than 70 families. Averaging around 250 people, we make up not even a quarter of the amount of Kavrelis in the UK but that does not mean what we have is small nor does it mean that we will stop growing as an organisation. Although not all members involved were able to participate, our 2 gatherings through Zoom reminded me of your role in unanimously leading the Kavre Society UK and laying the foundation of this society. I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to all of you and thank the Working Committee for their continuation of the support and commitment to making Kavre Society UK a model organisation. In less than a month of our formation, we have not only been able to draft the constitution of the organisational but also managed to form a 21-member working committee. All the members of the working committee are engaged and heading towards gradually improving our dynamic through small social works. We do not have to fly today. Let us first gather the Kavreli people scattered all over the UK to create new and establish existing bonds among us which I believe we can all agree has shown its importance through the Covid-19 pandemic.

There are around 300 Nepali organisations in the UK. Why do we need Kavreli organisation? Why regional organisation? Why Kavre Society?  Why not just a Nepali Society? 

These questions are not new to us. We are all inspired by the belief that the village will improve only families improve and only then can the country improve. We have not come up with any big dreams right now, only the lust of the soil we were born with is lingering. What else does Kavre Society do?  The same game of Bhagwanda? Verse greed?  The name of the organisation has been thrown at us with innumerable questions such as the fight against the political party in Nepal and its beliefs and principles and head-scratching and beating.  The constitution of this Kavre Society has completely banned party politics within this organisation.  We highly respect your views, faith and political commitment and encourage you to do as much as you can outside of this organisation. One family could have members with different political beliefs which are expressed outside of the family and when it comes to this Kavreli family, we are all members of one family and only family matters are discussed within it. Happiness is exchanged for happiness, festivals are celebrated together, discomfort to any member of the family are resolved together.  Even if we can provide pair of sandals to a struggling child or contribute with some medicine to those who are at risk of losing their lives due to the inability to access the simple resources, we are happy and proud to be able to do so. Since we do not have a bigger dream than this, it is unlikely that there will be a fierce battle as we will not see this as a competition or a challenge. Therefore, it is the responsibility of this first working committee to bring this Kavre Society UK on a definite path, leaving us all with a far-sighted vision and I am grateful that the responsibility of leading us to that path has been given to me by my friends. Kavreli in all walks of life have been living in the UK, from highly intellectual and distinguished personalities to those of a general level like me but I am certain we can all work in a coordinated and collective fashion. The Kavre Society UK was formed, not to compete with anyone, but as a purely social and non-profit organisation. That is our priority which we will always strive to achieve. Let us develop the Kavre Society UK as a collective platform of Kavreli people.

Thank you!

My best wishes to everyone in the coming days!  Stay healthy, stay safe.

Jai Kavre Society UK

Jai Kavreli!

Rabindra Sharma
Kavre Society UK